Kamis, 11 Agustus 2016

Home Sweet Home

Home for me, is like a place where I can escape from all assignments I have to do or any things

that I have to get done­­well, even though it's just for a moment. Since I'm in the last year of junior

high school, the number of my homework and assignment is increasing and I am so tired so when I

go home, I would always go to shower and then sleep.

I love my home. And the thing I love to do the most in my home is to sleep, and to open my laptop

and go surf the web. And if you combine the two, it would be so great. I mean, playing your laptop

in a sleeping position. It's the best, really. I also like to read some novels to refresh my brain after

studying. I can only do these things peacefully in the weekend, though, because I get home at 8

after a course or if it's a extracurricular activity, at 6. It's tiring, but it's so fun!

And... my home is so noisy yet so annoying yet it feels so comfortable. I live with my mother,

older brother, my grandmothers, and my aunt's family. It's so crowded, but it feels so alive! My

home would never be the same without them. They are the thing that makes me miss my home a


There are always two sides for everything. Sometimes, I wanted to runaway from my home.

There's times when I just wanted to be alone, but there's always my siblings to annoy me. There's

times when I don't want to be disturbed (especially on my period), but yet again there's always my

family. I know it's a sign that they care for me, but in times like that I hope that they could just

leave me alone.

About my dream home? I do have a dream house, but I think my dream home would be just like

my home at the moment. I don't need any special criterias, to only have my beloved family

surrounding me I would be thankful for that.

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